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Apex D Spa endeavors to offer a novel affair. The Spa was established on the logic that the union of present day and customary healing systems in a mix with regular items known for their healing and magnificence properties makes a combination which guarantees total unwinding and restoration. Another guideline Apex D Spa entirely holds fast to, is giving exclusively altered, mindful medications with a nature of service equaling five-star Hotel Spas!

The smooth present-day plan of the Spa converges with nearby regular building materials, for example, stone, wood, and bamboo, giving the ideal, spotless, agreeable atmosphere and setting for getting a charge out of an assortment of incredibly unwinding and fortifying medications. The particular Body Massage in Delhi standard goes past your desires, giving extraordinary offices and treatment treatments because of your general health and wellness. In the present tumultuous way of life we frequently don’t set aside time for ourselves, so RELAX and let the initial steps you take to the ideal adjust of excellence, health, and wellness, be the ones that convey you to the involvement with The Woodhouse Day Spa.

The go for benefit frequently overwhelms quality in numerous Spas in Bali, this is however not the situation at Apex D Spa Full Body Massage in Delhi/NCR. Apex prides itself on its prevalent quality of medications, service, and items. It is maybe the main Spa on the Island that can affirm the utilization of 100% unadulterated basic oil in its incredible choice of Best Body Massage in Delhi, which are naturally blended in the Spa to guarantee that visitors can take a full favorable position of the advantages of the basic oils. This determination likewise incorporates Ayurvedic Oil, which gets its healing qualities from the herbs and flavors that are cooked in virgin coconut oil for two days as indicated by antiquated formulas. The top of the line Organic Aloe Vera Facial uses Apex D Spa’ own particular scope of restorative items in light of privately developed Organic Aloe Vera, which is likewise accessible in the Spa’ Boutique close by different items utilized as a part of the Spa; delightfully bundled and impeccable to bring home as a blessing or gift!

Apex D Spa benefits from Bali’s long convention in wellness, yet additionally builds up every advisor separately to guarantee each accomplishes the surprisingly elevated requirements of this remarkable Spa. In spite of the fact that medications, for example, the Balinese Massage or the Abhyanga Massage might be founded on old customs, each is created in-¬house at Apex D Spa furnishing visitors with a mind-boggling, remarkable spa encounter. It is accepted at Apex D Spa that well prepared and content staff transmits positive vitality all through the Spa additionally improving the visitor’s understanding. If you are such in need, so get in touch with us. We are dealing with all kind of spa and massage services for our clients. We are well equipped with modern amenities. Our all team members are always there to your help and assistance.

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Swedish Body Massage In Delhi

Swedish body massage in delhi

Swedish massage is a scientific treatment by some systematic manipulations upon the human body, the term massage had been derived from the Greek word ‘massein’ or the French word ‘masser’ both words means to knead. A male massager is called a masseur and female massager is called masseuse. Now a day Swedish massage is used in all over the Europe and the first person was who used Swedish massage was Dr.mezger. We have available Swedish body massage in delhi

To give the healing touch to body Swedish massage has some techniques which are following
Effleurage Techniques
Effleurage technique means light friction and spreading the oils on the limbs and strokes are given towards the hearts to increase blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Gliding movement in which the hands glide with long even strokes over the body surface. Pushing towards hearts which increase the blood flow and lymph. It is important for muscles and skin glow. Our Swedish body massage in Delhi have all latest equipment to do Swedish body massage.

Petrissage Techniques

Petrissage techniques involves kneading and compression motions like rolling, squeezing or pressing the muscles for deeper blood circulations Petrissage attempts to increase blood flow with clearing out toxins from muscles and nerve tissue. A compression movement using kneading , pressing , twisting, and squeezing muscles tissue to create and pumping action which forces the venous blood and lymph onward which circulate fresh supply of blood to muscles.

Friction Techniques

Friction techniques is form of effleurage assists in realigning scar tissue, relaxes muscles by stimulating Golgi tendon reflex. The Golgi tendon reflex protects the skeletal muscles from excessively heavy loads by causing the muscles to relax. The motion is circular, applies direct pressure, a fast back and forth movement or slow and deep gliding over muscles. Compression movement performed with thumb, fingertips, or the palm of the hand and in circular motion. It is helpful in joint pain, tendons and relaxes to muscles.

Tapotement Techniques

A techniques works for it and trained therapist can do it many times within seconds which stimulates blood circulation and tired muscles and relaxation of hypertonic muscles and loosens mucus in thoracic cavity make a loose fist keep your wrists relaxed and us quick movement with hands only to use relax wrists.

Vibration Techniques

Vibration techniques boots blood circulation and increase the power of muscle and moving your hand back and forth on the client’s body without leaving the contract, a continuous pressing, trembling with hands and fingers. Are you Swedish body massage in delhi then book your appointment below.

Process of client Handling for Swedish massage

Client must inform before his or her pre health condition, he must clearly mention his problem if any thing has. It is important to understand the client requirement then massage process must starts and after understanding the medical condition of client therapists can suggest which types of massage must be given to client.
During the session
If client is ready then massage can be started which depends on the client requirement we give example of that if client has chosen Swedish massage then client require to expose area of the body which massage will be done Shiatsu can be done while client is fully dressed in sweatpants or shorts.
After the Session
Therapist will complete the Swedish massage therapy by grounding him and will ask client to drink water after massage session.


Balinese Massage 
It is 1000 thousand years old massage basically it is Asian massage like Tibetan, Chinese and Indian Ayurveda massage. In Bali it is used to decrease the disease. In addition to emotional and physical disorders. It is used cure the physical disorder problem and mental disorder problem and very famous to cure diseases.

It is believed that Balinese massage is the power of spirits and magic, and people believe that good spirits live in the mountains and fields with demons dwelling within seas. And offering plays a lead role in their day to day life, every day some small offering trays which keep and flowers, money and symbolic foods are kept outside the temples and houses and shops. And these offerings are considered that it will bring good health and prosperity in the family and community.

And the idea of Balinese Massage come from people perceptions for life and everything like life, death, happiness, god, demon, women , men , nature love ,music play very distinctive role and interlinked to these perception of life which affect the life whole. So therefore everything is considered sacred and is done with a sense of reverence and joy and always celebrating the spirit of life.

These people are also deeply entwined within the bali massage, with its origins also based in Tibetan, Chinese and Indian Ayurveda therapies.

Process of Balinese massage
Balinese Massage in Delhi is a combination of gentle stretches, various massage techniques like skin rolling, kneading, stroking, acupressure and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen which week keep your body to relaxed .

Balinese massage is a rigorous and luxurious, spa treatment and a great one to choose if you want to experience a variety of massage techniques, relax and feel spiritually renewed at same time, Balinese massage is related to te Ayurveda, the Indian holistic system.

A Balinese Massage in Delhi works to soothe damaged tissue and relieve your body from toxins and repair joint pain and muscles. It boots circulation of blood flow and reduce stress immediately because it works on your tissues as well as circulation of your blood circulations and harnessing acupressure and reflexology, it is very good for sports treatments for injuries. Client can book Balinese Massage in Delhi

It helps in migraine, muscles pain, joint pain etc. if you have sleeping disorder then it will help for better sleep with comfortably. It also remove breathing problem like asthma, allergies.

You must avoid below conditions like pregnancy, limb pain, surgery, low BP etc. big issues.

Outcomes of Balinese massage
Balinese massage is usually performed on the soft ma on the floor or on the couch, it can be done seated chair also and one client’s comfortably.

Essential oils are used in Balinese massage its small is very powerful which stimulate triggering memory. Book here Balinese Massage in Delhi

Therapists uses deep pressure during the massage and knotted tissue and muscles damage, they will also use long , gentle strokes and kneading to relieve tension and improve circulation in the muscles closer to the surface of the skin.

Some Balinese uses coconut oil and scented oil onto the body.

Types of Balinese massage
Bali is just one of hundreds of islands that make up Indonesia. Many of these are involved in self making body massage techniques all of them fuse ancient traditions and practices together into massage treatment that will help your body to heal physically and spiritually and leave you feeling wonderful, here are a few examples, call for Balinese Massage in Delhi these massages are available.

Sasak massage
Lombok Massage
Urat massage
Balinese Boreh
Javanese Lulur Ritual
Room Preparation
Keep the room clean and tidy
Keep thee oil ready
Make sure all hot aromatic towels are also made in advance and use aroma use.
Welcome to client
Review client history
Fill the spa form
Consult with client and ask him his requirement
Ask to put valuable in locker
if you are looking full body massage in delhi then contact us


lomi lomi full body massage 
Lomi Lomi Meaning massage is the Hawaiian language is the world used today to describe Hawaiian massage traditionally called lomi meaning to rub, press , squeeze , massage to work in out as clowns of a contented cat . Lomi Lomi is a holistic healing tradition beyond simple massage and book now lomi lomi full body massage in delhi

Steps of Lomi Lomi Massage
A lomi Lomi Massage usually commences with stillness between the practitioner and practitioner hands gently resting on the clients back. In this stillness the practitioner will quietly say a blessing or prayer asking for whatever healing is needed to take place during the massage. Alternatively or as well the client may be asked to set their intention for any healing they would like to receive. The masseuse then works intuitively with the client. In this respect there is no set format or sequence for the massage and no two massages will be ever be identical.

The lomi lomi full body massage in delhi is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands. Some people have described this as feeling like gently waves moving over the body. Another feature is that different is that different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time for example one arm or hands may be working on a shoulder and the other hand may be working on the opposite hip. This assists the recipient in total relaxation. As it is impossible or at least extremely difficult for the brain to focus on the two different areas at once, thus it provides a deep sense of balance and harmony. As said earlier whilst technique is important the priority loves the body, using intuition so the massage is right for the client .The client of the table is not viewed as someone to be fixed but a being to be returned to harmony and balance. it is important to remember that the practitioner does not heal but is the practitioner does not heal but is the facilitator for the healing.Get Full body massage in delhi now and get discount.

Under body and full body massage strokes also help to free the energy, make the body soft, promoting free and abundant flow of life energy in the recipient. According to hone philosophy, energy also gets blocked in the joints. Gentle stretches of the body and gentle rotations of the joints are therefore also incorporate to assist the release of tension and assist the flow of energy, once again not forcing, but feeling the level of the clients’ resistance or comfort. The massage may also hum at various points during the lomi lomi full body massage in delhi as the vibrating and amplified energy that results also aids the release of blockages.


De stress body massage intends to relieve or heal a disorder of human body As per survey more than 25% of American are stressful , people Life is too hard to earn its livelihood people do lot of hard work for their survival and life style of the people has been entirely changed ,People face mental as well physical tension everyday stress growing by leads of bounds even people’ nights are sleepless and most of the times they are feeling stress, we can see food habits changes we are eating junk foods which is not good for health, Growing number of visiting clients in the spa centers clearly indicate that how disorder problem are growing rapidly, Either a heavy Work load in the office or driving on the busy road creates a lot tensions and anxiety which become cause of headache discomfort, high blood pressure, depression, obesity, addiction or later on sometimes it becomes a symptom of migraine and body pain so to rejuvenate and revitalize your muscles and toxins and to get red off such nervous tension or anxiety for that De Stress body Massage plays a very extraordinary role to mellow out such stress. De Stress body massages regenerate and restore the body muscles on right place. De Stress Massage is the process of rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, especially to relieve tension or pain. It stimulate blood flow and relief your body pain and it is suggested regular use of full body massage in delhi as our apex spa center in delhi.

  • Revitalize body

  • Rejuvenate your Body

  • Stimulate Blood Flow

  • Regenerate, toxins

  • Remove Emotional strain

  • Physical strain

  • Remove Nervousness

  • Remove Depression

  • Relief in Pain

  • Body relaxation

  • Physically and metal relieve

  • Healing the disorder problem

We at Apex d spa offers Aroma body Massage in Delhi , Aroma therapy is controlled, therapeutic use of pure essential oils from medicinal plants to increase psychological and give high relaxation and remove pain, anxiety and tension.

Essentials oil are used to inter in the body and give deep relaxation and oil gives many fruitful results to the body. It is very good massage to get rid of pain.

For Aroma body Massage in Delhi, You need to book appointment and a proper readiness of room, the towel must be clean and dry and required oils must be on place and you need to welcome client properly to ensure his/her happiness and all formalities of form filling must be there. And you must ask client review for better improvement in the spa. You need a proper consultation with client’s requirement and then ask his/her medical condition before starting massage procedure.

Aroma Body Massage procedure Back Massage

You need to start back then covered the back with towel and start performing from this movement like Diagonal stretch and longitudinal stretch, side stretch then spread the oil on back with help of palm in the diagonal direction. Effleurage on back trapezius, then kneading on back, thumb rotation on back.

  • Thumb rotation on his region

  • Knuckling on the hip region and rimming with alternate hands and thumb sliding on spine,

  • Thousand hands on side of spine in three lines

  • Squeezing on back by both hands

  • Effleurage from head and

  • Thumb rotation on scapula

  • Effleurage from the head side

  • Kneading on the neck

  • Knuckling on neck

Back Leg Massage is also part of Aroma body Massage in Delhi

Full Effleurage on leg with oil application and repeat it twice

Rub the sole with palms with fingers

Manipulate pressure points on sole

Rotation on heel

Thumb Drain on calf

Thumb Rotation calf

Finger wring on calf keeping some distance in both hands

V strokes applied

Thumb rotation on thigh

Wring on the thigh

Kneading on thigh

Effleurage on whole back leg

First Drain on whole of back of leg with alternate hand

Front Leg Massage is Aroma body Massage in Delhi

Full effleurage with oil application

Effleurage on sole with oil application

Thumb sliding and alternate thumb drainage on sole

Manipulate pressure points on fingers

Finger rotation

Full effleurage

Kneading on calf

Palm rotation on knee

V shape effleurage on high

Wringing on thigh

Abdominal Massage

Effleurage with oil application kneading

Picking up lateral abdominal region

Alternate hand rolling

Alternate hand rolling and pressing


Chest massage

Effleurage 3 times with oil application

Thumb kneading on collar bone

Effleurage from head end

Hand massage

Intermingle your fingers and rub his/her palm with your palm

manipulate pressure point on palm

Thumb rotation back of palm

Press in between the thumb and index your fingers with client fingers

Effleurage on full hand

Thumb rotation on dorsal and ventral part of forearm on after the other

Full hand effleurage

Wringing on biceps and triceps

Thumb rotation on anterior part of shoulder joint

Feathering on hand, starting from fingers to shoulders

Catch hold of the hand with yours and drain up to shoulders and finish

Face Massage

Effleurage on face

Manipulate pressure points on face

Head massage

Rubbing movement on the top

Post Procedure

After massage, guide guest to steam room

Should explain him/her to take steam only for his thresh hold

After 5 or 10 minute guide guest to shower room

Give fresh towel, shower foam, shampoo

If necessary offer blow dry

Give fresh juice drink along with comment card

Ask him if he would like to book next appointment


Aroma Therapy is a treatment of scents and holistic treatment for caring for the body with pleasant smelling botanical oils such as lemon, lavender, peppermint, and rose oil and these oils are added during the bath season and inhaled directly or diffused to scent in an entire room. These essential oils are extracted from plants, trees, flowers, fruits, bark, and seeds with distinctive therapeutic psychological and physiological properties which improve and prevent illness.

Aromatherapy is used to relieve the pain, care for skins and alleviate tension and it promotes relaxation to the entire body. Essential oils when inhaled, work on the brain and nervous system through stimulation of olfactory nerves.

Ancient Aromatherapy

This is more than 6000 years before this therapy has been started, Greek s, Romans and Egyptians were used aromatic oil for therapy and it is consider that the doctor treat these treatments are called God of medicine and healing. Recommended fragrant oils for bathing massage and for embalming the dead. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine used aromatherapy baths and canted massage , He used aromatic fumigations to id Athens of the plague.

The modern era of aromatherapy has dawned in 1930, when the French chemist rene Maurice Gattle fosse coined the term aromatherapy fo the therapeutic use of essential oils. He was fascinated by the benefits of lavender oils in healing his burned hand without leaving any scars. He started investigating the effect of other essential oils for healing and for their psychotherapist benefits.

During World War 2 the French army surgeon .Dr. jean Valnet used essential oils as antiseptics. Later Madame Marguerite Maury associate of Dr.Valnet Elevated aromatherapy as a holistic therapy. She started prescribing essential oils as remedy for her patients. She is also credited with the modern use of essential oils in massage.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for their scent and therapeutic effect. Many people think solely of essential oils when they think of aromatherapy oils. But aromatherapy oils can include all the different types of ails that help in the practice of aromatherapy. Here are some of the oils that can be used in aromatherapy.

Essential oils

Essential oils are the most commonly used aromatherapy oils. Essential oils are extracted from plants by steam distillation. The essential oils have a scent that has therapeutic effect. Different essential oils have different effects. Not all essential oils are safe for use in aromatherapy. Some unsafe aromatherapy oils include bitter almond, mug work mustered, arnica, onion, pennyroyal, rue, garlic, horseradish and wormwood.

Absolutes are more concentrated then other essential oils. Absolutes are extracted from plants through chemical expression, instead of steam distillation. Absolutes contain trace amount of solvent, which may cause on allergic reaction in some people. Absolutes are not as natural as essential oils, because of the chemical process involved the oils. These highly concentrated and thick.

Hypercritical carbon dioxide

CO2 extraction uses pressure to turn the gas in plants into liquid. The process involves putting pressure on the carbon dioxide in a plant until it becomes a liquid. The essential oil also dissolves in the liquid CO2. When the liquied is brought back to normal pressure. The carbon dioxide evaporates leaving only the essential oil. It is used to extract volatile substances from plants that cannot be extracted through steam distillation. Co2 are usually thicker then essential oils.


Hydrosols are the liquid that remains after extracting oils through steam or water distillation. They are sometimes called floral water. Hydrosols generally have the aroma of the plants extract and many of the of the attributes of the essential oil. They are milder than the essential oils. Which means they can be used for purpose where amid form of the essential oils needed. Organic hydrosols are often used as skin toners or perfume mists.

Infused oils

Infused oil is oil where herbs are heated in carrier oil so that the aroma and flavor of the herb remains. Infused oils are a good way of using the aromatherapy properties of a certain help, without having to extract the oil can be used as massage oils or can be heated in an oil burner. They can also be used as carrier oil to which essential oils are added.

Carrier Oils

Aromatherapy carrier oils are oils that serve as a base for aromatherapy treatment. Usually low scent natural oil is used like jojoba oil or almond oil. For many purpose, essential oil cannot be used by themselves but need to be mixed with carrier oil. This is particularly the case where people want the essential oil to be applied to their skin. Carrier oils means that people can reap the benefits of an essential oil on their skin, without risking irritation. Carrier oils can serve as the base for face oils, massage oils or aromatherapy perfume oils.

To calm nerves and promote sleep

4 Drops Lavender

Add 4 drops lavender to a teaspoon of milk or cream. Pour into a warm bath, stir bathwater and soak.

Or add 4 drops lavender to 4 teaspoons of our massage oil base. Place in a diffuse and diffuse into your room.

Sleep well

3 drop lavender

1 drop clary sage

Mix 3 drops lavender and 1 drop clary sage with a teaspoon of milk or cream. Add to a warm bath and soak.

Stress Soothing Massage Oil

2 drops lavender

1 drop ylang ylang

2 drop pet grain

Add 2 drops lavender 1 drop ylang ylang and 2 drops pititgrain to 5 teaspoons of our massage oil base. Stir gently to mix and massage into body.

Uplifting Aromatherapy recipes

Uplifting Personal blend for daytime use

2 drops Geranium

2 drops rosewood

2 drops bergamot

Add 2 drops geranium, 2 drops rosewood and 2 drops bergamot to 6 teaspoons of our massage oil base. Wear as fragrances us for a gentle massage or inhale directly from the bottle

Uplifting personal blend for night time use

2 drops Rosewood

2 drops bergamot

2 drops ylang ylang

Add 1 drop rosewood, 2 drops bergamot and 2 drops ylang ylang to 6 teaspoons of our massage oil base. Wear as a fragrance use as a massage blend or inhale directly from the bottle.


If you are fond of the Swedish body massage but consider it to be too light to effectively recuperate you, try the Deep Tissue Body Massage therapy. In nature, it is quite similar to the Swedish body massage, but it requires the therapist to exert deeper pressure.

The Deep Tissue Body Massage builds on the same techniques used in the Swedish body massage and takes it a notch higher. With the intense pressure applied during this massage session, you will experience an immediate relief in the chronic muscle tension. This massage technique aims to relieve the deepest muscles tissues of any tensions that they may have been subjected to. The session can last anywhere from 45-60 minutes. A research conducted by Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that a single session of Deep Tissue Body Massage was effective in lowering the blood pressure levels. Similarly, another study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry stated in its findings that undergoing a Deep Tissue Body Massage resulted in secretion of Oxycontin and serotonin which helped in relaxing the body, lowered the heart rate, and stress levels of the recipient.

Many of the first-timers are worried that the intense session during a deep body tissue massage will hurt. It is as far away from the truth as possible Instead, you will just feel a sense of uneasiness because of the extra pressure exerted. When you are graduating from a Swedish body massage, you are accustomed to light touches. The deep pressure exerted in the Deep Tissue Body Massage is aimed at helping you ease the body tension. Relax your body muscles while undergoing a massage session and you will immediately see the therapeutic effects of this massage which has countless takers around the world.

Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated after a Deep Tissue Body Massage which will help in removing the lactic acid from your body tissues. It is common to feel a bit soreness in your body muscles the next day after a Deep Tissue Body Massage. It just implies that your body has rejected a lot of waste materials during the massage session.

This massage is extremely beneficial to your body’s well being. It helps in reducing numerous years of built up tensions in your body in just a few sessions. The body’s scar tissues can be a result of an injury that you may have sustained a few years ago or due to your chronic poor posture. A well-trained masseuse or masseur will use her/his fingers, thumbs, fists elbows, or forearms to help you get rid of the unwanted scar tissues in your body.

An experienced massage therapist will immediately gauge the exact pressure that is required to be applied to relieve your body muscles. Therapists use different techniques including some therapists who prefer using their elbows o impart this massage. You will slowly lose all your discomfort after you are a few minutes into the session. Visit Apex-D-Spa & Salon in the Main Hauz Khas Market, New Delhi for getting deep body tissue massage from expertly trained professionals.

Deep Tissue Body Massage therapy is hard massage therapy which works to release anxiety and tensions. Deep tissue massage therapy gives relief in joints pain and makes joint and bone flexibility; it is clinically proven that deep tissue massage is very helpful for sports persons who take it regularly. In this massage deep pressure is given to clients who increase the blood flow which help in joints and back pain relief. In this deep tissue massage therapies deep layers of body, muscles tissue, tendons and fascia. It is considered that deep tissue massage much helpful to shorts men ship and injuries so clients must not have any physical issue must avoid to take this massage because it is a hard massage and some time if may create some tissues in your body so kindly let to know your therapist about medical your conditions. If you apply bod to body massage correctly then it may reduce blood in 60 minute times. Deep tissue massages basically to work on body tissue and press them correctly so it could give right results. Deep tissue massage decreases hormone level and heart speed when boosting mood, relaxation by release of Oxycontin and serotonin , it is mostly just like Swedish massage and we welcome you take our overwhelmed and unforgettable experience . if you want also full body massage in Delhi then you can contact us for spa price and details.


The pressure of life's problems is enough to give us anxiety and mental stress. Now the question arises that how to eliminate this worry? For this, fat reflexology massage is very effective and home remedy, which can be easily relieved by headache, back pain and mental stress. The comfort chairs of our home are the best performance of reflexology massage. Relaxation on the comfort chair provides relief from stress.

The progression of Foot Reflexology Massage is composed of modern techniques. Persons practicing massage therapy continuously found that there is a direct connection between the everyday problems of the body such as headache, back pain, or mental stress, with hands and feet. So when we put pressure on hands and feet in a particular way, we feel relieved in the body. For this, home comfort chair is considered very useful. By putting pressure on some parts of the feet, you get relief in other parts of the body. This is known as Foot Reflexology.

It is only a foot reflexology technique to rest some parts of the body through the pressure of the feet. When our body takes an action or reacts in response to the action, then we start to worry or stress only on the basis of reaction. The reaction of the stress reaches the brain through the nervous system, after which our hands and feet act in response to the reaction. That is why any kind of pain in our body is directly related to the hands and feet. This is the reason why foot reflexology massage provides relief from stress, major body parts and muscles tension.

If you are very worried about physical stress and anxiety, then feet reflexology massage is the perfect remedy for this. In this, relief of body and mind by relaxing massage of the feet gives relief. Friends, if you want to take this massage then do not think. We are providing the services of Foot Reflexology in your city. At our very lowest value, our body and mind are comforted with complete satisfaction. You can contact us for more information.




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