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The need to relieve oneself from daily stress and strain is fast becoming a now in society now it is the burden of the endless pace of the davothat brings fatigue with its deadlines chaos and pressures. we stopped this need based opportunity for relaxation way back in 2008 as we started the brand aromathai. a spa that promised an experience that would leave you rejuvenated and relaxed with ancient thai techniques trained staff and inviting premises that cocooned you from the world out side.

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Signature foot massage : Sawadee uses reflexology as the crux of this massage to provide an authentic Thai
massage that will relax your tired feet as our special oils soak into your muscles and ligaments to increase
blood flow and reduce muscle tension. A skillful upper body massage completes this therapy to provide a
complete, relaxing experience.
60 mins Rs. 1650

Head to sole signature massage : Anandathai is an extended therapy that combines our signature foot
massage with an upper body massage to include arms, hands and head to give you a completely relaxing
90 mins Rs. 2500

Thai herbal compress foot massage- Arokaya is an invigorating foot massage that uses heated Thai
herbal compresses to help soothe muscle aches, increase circulation and remove toxins. Kanphu balm
and aroma oils help to reach deep under the skin and an upper body massage concludes this relaxing
60 / 90 mins
Rs. 2100 / Rs. 2550

Sawadee express- Ideal for those with less time on their hands. A compact version of our signature foot
massage that will leave you feeling instantly refreshed
30 mins Rs. 1200
The Thai Dry - A massage that presses all the right pressure points without oil to give you quick relief.
30 mins Rs. 1300


Hot oil head massage - An intensely relaxing hot
oil massage that lulls you into a stupor with our
special oil infused with sesame, peppermint, cedar
wood and lavender that helps to remove aches and
dull pains
30 mins Rs. 1300

Day - after massage - A wonderful head massage that
uses magic oil to relieve hangovers, headaches,
migraines and even insomnia with its healing properties.
A soothing foot soak completes the therapy.
45 / 90 mins
Rs. 1450 / Rs. 2500

Head, neck and shoulder massage - This is the ideal massage to provide invigoration to tired muscles with
complete focus on the head, neck and shoulders. It provides new energy and well being with an increased
supply of oxygen to the brain with massage techniques.
30 mins Rs. 1200

Stress release massage - A massage that is specially for those who spend long hours on computers and
behind desks to combat stress on a daily basis. A relaxing therapy that helps to relieve migraine headaches, stiff
necks and back pain with expert kneading and manipulation while a soothing foot soak completes this
rejuvenating therapy
30 mins Rs. 1200.
Traditional Thai massage : A massage that's created with yoga techniques from Thailand wherein the therapist
will assist you in a series of yoga stretches to improve circulation and flexibility as you enjoy relaxing joint pain
relief, muscle movement and a positive flow of energy in this dry massage that can be done in your
comfortable clothing.
60 / 90 mins
Rs. 2600 / Rs. 3500

Aromatherapy massage : A massage that is
the perfect way to relax a tired body as
aromatic, essential oils and Thai massage
techniques liberate energies in your body
towards relaxation and rejuvenation.
60 / 90 mins
Rs. 3300 / 4000

Deep tissue - A massage that promises instant
relief with its intensity and strong strokes to
relieve underlying muscle tension and pain and
provide deep relaxation.
60 / 90 mins
Rs. 3500 / Rs. 4500

Detox and tone- A massage that promises you
a tangibly toned body with its anti cellulite and
detox oils that fight to remove cellular lumps
and toxins from your body and increase blood
and oxygen flow for physical wellness and
cellular balance.
90 mins Rs. 4750

Sportfit massage –An invigorating massage for
those who engage in strenuous activity. A
combination of a Thai dry massage that involves
stretching to soothe tired muscles and a special
combination of oils that seep into muscles that
are aggravated and overused. A strong, hard
massage that will spring you back to life.
90 mins Rs. 4550

Double Benefit Massage
This massage involves two therapists working on your back at the same time to provide relief from chronic
pains and constant pains.
90 mins Rs. 5300

Thai Dry Back Massage:
This Thai massage specifically focuses on your upper and lower back. Therapists use intense, but well controlled
pressure of their hands and arms to give you the ultimate relief from all your daily aches and sores.
40 mins Rs. 1950

Thai Herbal Compress Option:
This value added service can be combined with any one of the above three 60 minute body massages.
Steamed herbal pouches are pressed against the body at various energy points to greatly enhance benefits of
the massages and provide a feeling of weightlessness.
30 mins
Additional Rs 900
Enjoy our fine services and exclusive products
Spa Manicure: Rs. 950
Spa Pedicure: Rs. 1050
Spa Manicure and Pedicure: Rs. 1800

With the added pleasure of a 30 minute
relaxing aromatic foot massage
Royal Manicure: Rs. 1950
Royal Pedicure: Rs. 2050
Royal Manicure and Pedicure Rs. 2600

Ask for an additional masque / scrub to enhance your therapy for just Rs. 550 more


Anti-pollution: An effective treatment that promises you glowing skin as we use our
special, handpicked ingredients to cleanse and detoxify worn out skin that's been exposed to
harsh elements. Remove the layers of harm from your skin and let it breathe with freshness
60 mins Rs. 2400

Radiance - a wonderful pick-me-up for your
skin as enriched blends of vitamin c, HA and
turmeric extracts work their magic and
strengthen your skin to fight UV exposure and
promote cell renewal.
60 mins Rs. 2000

02 : Our special ingredient Advance Time
Oxygen Complex boosts the oxygen absorption
in your skin pores, for a softer healthier look.
60 mins Rs. 2000

Collagen Gold: with combination of pure collagen,
Q1 snow lotus herb, organic aloe and 24K gold
sheets, stimulates skin elasticity and glow.
60 mins Rs. 2400
Rice bran and oatmeal scrub - A massage that
specializes in exfoliating dead cells and giving you
youthful, brighter nourished skin with our specially
made powder that has been freshly made and
ground to leave you with soft,smooth skin that's
been gently nourished.
45 mins Rs. 2500

Lemon and walnut scrub- An intense scrub that
works well on dry skin types as it exfoliates and
cleanses with its astringent properties of sea salt,
lemon and walnut oil. It soothes and coaxes dry skin
into a lustre with its oil content and stimulates new
energy with our special massage. After this cleansing
ritual, we highly recommend an enriching masque or
oil treatment to pamper your skin a little further.
45 mins Rs. 2500
Ginger, seaweed and green tea - A masque that
detoxifies your skin while providing lost moisture
from sunlight and pollutants. Your skin will benefit
from the ginger and seaweed combination as it
works as a conditioner for your skin while the green
tea will help your skin absorb rich nutrients and anti
oxidant benefits with its own properties. A
wonderfully refreshing treatment for your face with
that is very beneficial and encourages softer,
smoother skin..
( this treatment is best combined with a
body scrub/massage) 75 mins

Champagne body masque - The ultimate luxury
product for your skin as the sinfully luscious
combination of strawberries, peaches and grapes
coupled with the finest champagne oil( sourced
from Champagne, France) envelopes your skin with
its powerful anti oxidant and exfoliating properties
as it nourishes each pore with its natural extracts.
Great for ageing or dehydrated skin, this masque
helps give you smoother, softer and luminous skin
with the perfect balance.
( this treatment is best combined with a body
scrub/massage) 75 mins


Please speak with our managers to get details on pricing & duration of the combinations below:
Choice of Scrub + Choice of Masque Rs. 4350- Rs. 4650 / 75 mins
Choice of Scrub + Choice of Body Massage Rs. 5300 - Rs. 5600 / 120 mins
Choice of Scrub + Choice of Masque + Choice of Body Massage Rs.6950- Rs. 7550 / 180 mins.




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