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Experience one-of-its-kind treatments at Caressaa Day Spa & let the luxurious fine touch caress your mind, body and soul.Caressaa Day Spa have a wide range of therapies & treatments at Caressaa Day Spa. You can choose between these wide range of massages. We offer Swedish massages, Deep Tissue massage, Lomi-Lomi massage, Thai Massage, Balinese massage & the patented Rope Massage at our spa. Caressaa is equipped with internationally acclaimed products and modern spa technology which is introduced for the first time inIndia.

Caressaa also offer the patented LPG Endermologie® treatment at Caressaa. With 200,000 people treated daily worldwide, LPG Endermologie® is the responsible choice for a non-invasive but mostly non-aggressive beauty, health and anti-aging solution, that fully respects the skin’s and the body’s ecology.A full fledged international standard training given to our handpicked staff promises you a true luxury experience.

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Novel Rope
Get nostalgic and enjoy the matchless pattern of influencing muscles to regain vitality. Unlike other massage techniques, this massage is carried out by feet of practitioner in sweeping movement over the muscles and body ligaments. Long sweeping movements are incorporated, with varying degrees of pressure as appropriate for each client. Its an excellent treatment for those involved in lots of sports and physical activity and also for people suffering from back problems
60 mins: 2,200/-
Rope plus Thai 90 min: 3,000/-
Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage is a particularly effective massage for people with muscular pain. Massage helps to refresh and relax muscles, increasing the blood flow and therefore the oxygen flow around your body. This helps to get rid of toxins in very sore and strained muscles and helps them to strengthen and heal
60 mins: 2,200/-
90 mins: 2,800/-
Couple 60 min: 4,000/-
Couple 90 min: 5,000/-
Swedish Massage
Relieve your stress and soothe your body with this classic treatment which helps release muscle tension and reduce stress. This massage uses light to medium pressure with smooth sweeping movements that help restore energy and create a sense of well being
60 mins: 2,200/-
90 mins: 2,800/-
Couple 60 min: 4,000/-
Couple 90 min: 5,000/-
Aromatherapy Massage
A relaxing antidote to stress, this authentic aromatherapy massage combines specific massage techniques with the therapeutic effects of essential oils. This treatment promotes the elimination of toxins, strengthens the immune system and helps establish a healthy equilibrium of mind, body and spirit
60 mins: 2,200/-
90 mins: 2,800/-
Couple 60 min: 4,000/-
Couple 90 min: 5,000/-
Lomi Lomi Massage
Lomi Lomi Massage is a Hawaiian full body massage in which the entire body is massaged simultaneously in a continuous movement. Your therapist will use long flowing deep strokes that will run the entire length of your body, working both the upper and under sides of your body. Your therapists arms will embrace you as the rhythmic waves of motion send deeply relaxing sensations to your brain. This treatment is great for relaxation, muscle tension, muscle pain, detoxification and increasing circulation
60 mins: 2,200/-
90 mins: 2,800/-
Couple 60 min: 4,000/-
Couple 90 min: 5,000/-
Thai Massage
Also known as the Thai Yoga massage, this oriental therapy uses muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure techniques during the treatment. This therapy is both relaxing and energizing helps to improve circulation and the range of motion thereby increasing flexibility.
60 mins: 2,200/-
Thai plus Deep Tissue 90 min: 3,000/-
Balinese Massage
Balinese massage is a form of traditional Indonesian massage. Originating on the island of Bali, this massage involves a combination of techniques, including massage, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy. Often used for relaxation, this type of massage can also help loosen muscles and ease pain.
60 mins: 2,200/-
Balinese plus Thai 90 min: 3,000/-
Hot Stone Massage
This therapeutic treatment using smooth volcanic basalt stone helps detoxify the body, improve circulation and relax the nervous system. An ideal treatment for those suffering from cold feet, poor circulation, back pain, arthritis pain, stress/anxiety, depression and insomnia which gives them a sensation of warmth and comfort
60 mins: 2,200/-
Couple 90 min: 3,000/-
Destress Massage
A de-stressing massage focusing on Neck, Shoulder, Arms, Foot and Back.?Helpful in easing aches, jet lag and stress
45 mins: 1,500/-


Foot Reflexology
Foot Reflexology massage can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries or even everyday work and play. Our massage therapist will apply traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques to the foot, calf and upper leg. This will not only help relieve toe pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis, but can also decrease stress and anxiety in the entire body.
30 mins: 750/-
60 mins: 1,050/-
Manicure or/and Pedicure
The words pedicure and manicure are derived from Latin words. Pedicure came from the Latin word pedis meaning feet and cura meaning care. Thus pedicure means the care of the feet. Manicure came from the Latin word manus meaning hands and, again cura, meaning care. So manicure is the care of the
Manicure 45 min: 500/-
Pedicure 45 min: 500/-
Manicure & Pedicure 90 min: 900/-


Snow White Facial
Recommended for tanned, pigmented and dull skin caused due to sun exposure?and hormonal imbalance. This facial is highly effective as the sun filters contained in this facial helps to control the production of melanin giving your skin a fairer and translucent look. An ideal pre summer treatment since it will inhibit the formation of brown sots Add COLLAGEN MASK Lifting which helps to eradicate wrinkles and dehydration
75 min: 3,000/-
With Collagen Lifting: 3,500/-
Purifying Facial
For extra deep cleansing of oily and combination skin this enriched cream mask helps tone and tighten facial skin tissue. It absorbs oil and impurities at deep levels while maintaining moisture balance of your skin Add COLLAGEN MASK Lifting which helps to eradicate wrinkles and dehydration
60 min: 2,000/-
With Collagen Lifting: 2,500/-
Sheer Magic Facial
Ideally recommended for sensitive and dull skin, this facial uses a specialized mask that accelerates cell regeneration and has anti-ageing effect, anti-oxidant and anti-toxin effect, thereby helping your skin to restore its softness and tonicity Add COLLAGEN MASK Lifting which helps to eradicate wrinkles and dehydration
75 min: 3,000/-
With Collagen Lifting; 3,500/-
Minero Vegetal Facial
Reverse the weakening effects of pollution, harmful sunrays, age, stress and fatigue with this facial which is rich in minerals and trace elements that help boost cellular metabolism and facilitates in elimination of toxins. An ideal facial for all skin types and especially effective for dry and dehydrated skin Add COLLAGEN MASK Lifting which helps to eradicate wrinkles and
60 min: 1,800/-
With Collagen Lifting: 2,300/-
Mineralizing Cleanup
This rich and nourishing clean up for all skin types leaves you skin feeling soft and supple
30 min: 1,300/-
Hydrating Cleanup
An ideal clean up for dry and dehydrated skin lacking moisture. This treatment uses specific products that are rich in humic acid and thereby making your skin moisturized and hydrated
30 min: 750/-


Rs. 3000.00
Introducing the newly innovated MOBILIFT M6 from LPG (A Health, Beauty and Wellness Technology from France) for the very first time in India, Enter the era of powerful anti aging a true scientific innovation. 100% natural and 100% effective, LPG’s ultimate skin stimulation technique awakens the natural slimming and anti- aging processes of your body (accelerating fat release and collagen production) without aggression. Results: with lipo massage, in 6 session, your slhouette is reshaped, in 12 session even the most stubborn fat is and with endermolift in 8 weeks wrinkles are reduce by up to 43%. Your face is replumped, your features redefined, your skin redensified
1 The MOBILIFT M6 technology incorporates a micro-motor for an increased cellular stimulation by 270% and incredible precision, enabling a better natural healing.
2 The only technique in the world that has scientifically proven to naturally increase Hyaluronic acid synthesis by 80 %.
3 The natural Elastin of the skin is also increased by 46 %, Radiance increased by 98%.
4 Smoothed wrinkles by 21%, firmness by 23%,
5 Prevents the breakdown of collagen and stimulating the synthesis of new quality collagen.
6 Glow, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, firmness, oval of the face: amazing and unique results thanks to LPG
7  Discover the latest generation of cell stimulation LPG treatments 100% natural only available at the following centers.
LPG Anti ageing facial (45 mins) (3,000/-)
Silky Sugar Peel
An ultimate care for dry dehydrated skin, this intense exfoliating brown sugar scrub infused with sweet almond oil and vanilla with natural skin smoothing ingredients for silky-soft skin and a sweet smelling body, sloughs away rough patches of hardened skin. A truly luxurious experience leaving you truly pampered
45 min: 3,000/-
Cotton Extract Wrap
Soothes your senses and lifts your spirits, enjoy this intense moments of relaxation with this delicately fragrant body wrap. Cotton extract wrap is a good source of cellulose and Aloe Vera, which has cell renewal properties. The active marine ingredients rich in red algae reduces water loss and moisturizes your body perfectly
60 min: 3,000/-
Caressaa Signature Spa Ritual
A sensual and glamorous treatment that helps to detox and improve circulation. Treat your senses with a delightful scrub that helps exfoliate your body and cocooned body-wrap to detoxify and smoothen your skin. Also enjoy a soothing massage that helps to distress those suffering from insomnia and calms the nervous system
120 min: 5,000/-




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