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Nice Deals was founded in 2013. Throughout the year we have continually developed and grown into a respectable company dealing with massage/spa services in delhi & gurgaon.

Since 2014, we have expanded our business to special offer in spa delas. With many years of experience we have gained experience in providing nice services, deals and with our innovative and professional approach made our customers a holiday more enjoyable and beautiful. The client is always at the center of our activity.

Nice Deals is the best place online to find matchless spa, car rental and hotel bargains in delhi and gurgaon.

We are massages catered to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for relaxation or deep tissue massage, our goal is to meet your needs.

Since we use only natural and organic cosmetics, our treatments are suitable for people with the most sensitive skin and young people with problematic skin. Each of our treatments with top quality care, pleasant smells and silent ambient music brings true relaxation; It acts brilliantly and contributes to a better overall condition and health of the body.

Most often the most important first impression is. The treatment room with a welcoming atmosphere welcomes you from the very beginning, and this good feeling is very important for the success of the treatment itself.

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The Special full body massage in delhi is much different than regular massage of the back. During special body massage your partner's goals. It's much easier for massaging, as it can reach all the right areas, which can derive sexual pleasure. Come and make your dreams a reality with a unique feeling massage special body both side by female and male! Want to experience the thrill of special body massage .. just relax and Feel better... Giving a special body massage takes practice and the understand of your partner needs. Our mission here at Nice Deals is to make sure you feel fully satisfied at the end of your massage. Massage oils by professional and beautiful massages in quiet and pleasant rooms filled with incense and candles for a relaxing and especially liberating atmosphere. This is designed to give you a sense of calm and satisfaction, including the release of pressures from everyday life and this is a healing art that has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual gratification.

special body Massage Benefits:


  • reduces stress.anxiety and depression

  • pain and stiffness relief

  • increased circulation

  • skin benefits

  • boosts circulation

  • aids sleep


Ayurvedic massage is a pleasant and effective way to preserve health and restore the body, weakened by physical and psychological stress. During the massage, special healing oils and herbs are used. They are selected for each person individually. During massage with special massage techniques, vegetable oil with herbs is rubbed into the skin. Therefore, if you decide to try on yourself, what all the same is an Ayurvedic massage, be prepared for the fact that after the procedure you will literally be soaked in oil.

Ayurvedic Massage Benefits:


  • acts as a powerful recharger of mind and body

  • reducing hair fall

  • recommended for weight loss toning the skin and muscles

  • reduction in scar tissues and muscle flexibility increases

  • Immun system is improved and latic acid is removed from fatique musclas

  • energises

  • help you to stay young


The deep massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles. In his massage therapist uses slower strokes or frictions about muscle knots. The deep massage is used in chronic muscle tension, persistent strains, problems with posture and recover from injuries. People often feel slightly cramped two-three days after the procedure, which then passes away.

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits:


  • low back pain

  • limited mobility

  • recovery from injuries

  • repetitive strain injury

  • postural problems

  • muscle tension in the hamstrings

  • upper back or neck pain


Full body massage calming effect, removes the assembled tension and promotes restorative powers. Mild and smooth movements characteristic of relaxing massage are a true delight for the senses. Classical massage includes full body massage with my stomach and feet. Apply alternating movements of kneading and stroking the muscles in the direction of the heart. A relaxing massage is a full body massage, including foot and abdomen. The movements that are applied are slow and deep. This massage relaxes all the muscles, especially those from the lower layers for which we do not know that we have them. The moves are performed the entire palm, to the heart. The result is a completely calming the nervous system, resulting in calming our mind and emotions swirling. It is best carried out in complete silence or with soft music.

Full Body Massage Benefits:


  • relieves stress

  • reduction in pain and tension

  • release of endorphins

  • relaxation and therefore reduction in anxiety

  • improved blood circulation

  • improved lymphatic drainage


Happy ending massage - which aims to relax, stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins. It is surface clean dead skin cells, skin hydrates and nourishes, and is achieved by deep relaxation as the muscles relax. It reduces the level of stress, relieves headaches, insomnia, nervousness. Relaxation massage calming effect, removes the assembled tension and promotes restorative powers. Mild and smooth movements characteristic of relaxing massage are a true delight for the senses.


Thai massage directs energy flows in the body by a gentle pressure on certain points. It also includes compressions and stretches. Like shiatsu, Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor. Combines gentle and rhythmic pressure on energy flows called "Sen" - "Zen" deep like yoga, stretches. Thai massage differs from other styles in that the client does not lie flat - masseur your moves and stretches in a series of different poses. It feels like in yoga, but without doing anything. This technique is more energizing than the others, and also reduces stress and improves flexibility and freedom of movement.

Royal Thai Massage Benefits:


  • benefits almost every organ of your body

  • relaxes muscles and relieves pain

  • stretches the muscles to sustainable point

  • improves joint motion

  • circulates the blood throughout the body

  • relives in muscloskeletal pains

  • promotes mental relaxation

  • sleep problem are reduced


Although the massage of the feet is often underestimated, it is not so simple. When done properly, it involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot that correspond to and affect various organs and body systems. This technique is very relaxing, especially for people who spend most of their time on foot or just suffer from pain and fatigue in feet.

Foot Massage Benefits:


  • rehabilitates injuries and boost general health

  • transquility and stress free

  • improves circulation and cleansing

  • energy and rejuvenation


A great tool, helps to relax, calm headaches, as well as the improvement of the condition of hair. If you do head massage regularly hair will look better. The blood supply to the scalp is improved, and the roots comes more nutrients. From the massage head hair stopped falling out and become more healthy. In the implementation of the massage heads you need to follow the exact direction of movement from head radially in all directions. Massage movements produce in the direction of hair growth, otherwise you can injure the roots of the hair, clog the ducts of the glands.

Head Massage Benefits..


  • stimulatrs the circulation brings oxygen and nourshing nutrients

  • activates dorvant hair follicpes to promote new growth


The purpose is to relax tension in the upper back, head, shoulders and neck. Head massage associated with acupressure technique in the head, neck and chest spine helps to induce a high release. Gentle straining of energy points on the face and neck bleeds the skin, helping to prevent stress and aging. This massage relaxes you, it also acts on headaches and its repetition has a positive effect on frequent migraines.


Swedish massage is a therapeutic and preventive procedure. At the same time, it is a powerful psychotherapeutic agent that promotes relaxation, relaxation, complete relaxation and the elimination of remaining stressful situations.

The Swedish massage, which is a combination of Arabic, Old Believers, Greek and Chinese methods, has a very positive effect on the body. In this regard, this procedure is effective in preventing many pathologies.

Swedish massage has a positive effect on joints. The procedure is intended for nerve and muscle tissue stretching. This type of massage is particularly beneficial for those who have had severe stress or surgical intervention.

This curative manipulation technique was developed by Henry Lings from Stockholm at the beginning of the nineties. The main task faced by a doctor is to improve your blood circulation. Unlike many other types of similar procedures, Swedish massage is made deeper and more powerful. This contributes to the fact that the seals are kneaded and stretched into the neuromuscular bundles as well as the muscles, as intensive manipulation affects deep-seated tissues. Currently, this type of massage is one of the most popular in Europe. If you go to a medical facility or beauty salon, this procedure will be carried out by highly qualified specialists. However, there are five basic techniques that anyone can learn to provide their relatives with health.

Manipulation performed during a Swedish massage should not be harsh. Particular attention should be paid to the start of the procedure. Slow motion promotes better soft tissue and muscle development. Use special creams or oils. Massive movements do not create friction that does not cause a burning sensation of the skin.

The main methods of recovery are fretting and friction, kneading and rhythmic blows, as well as vibration. At the first stage of the massage, smooth and slow finger movements, which seem to be familiar with the body, must be performed. Thus, the back is prepared for efleuria. These manipulations are also slow. In this case, palms, fists and fingers are used. At the next stage, the body is developed by calming. The soft cloth is pressed in the fingers, pulled back and only then released. Manipulation is done evenly and evenly.

The next step is friction. The body tissues at this stage of massage are squeezed and at the same time drawn aside. Then there are movements that cause vibration. They should be implemented rhythmically and quickly. Swedish massage ends with staples. Do not be afraid of them. Manipulations are performed gently, rhythmically and without pain.

A Swedish massage, with prices ranging from 1,000 to 1,800 rubles, can be performed at a medical center. The procedure will be performed by an experienced specialist, after which the patient will definitely feel rest and regain strength.


Sports massage has become an indispensable element in the training process of athletes. It helps to combat the effects of physical fatigue. Massage tired muscles to help relax and prevent further damage. It is a sport massage that is needed when athletes have to make an effort before they can rest, for example in multi-stage cycling races or multi-day volleyball or basketball tournaments.

Sports massage techniques are specific to a particular discipline. They allow you to focus on a specific area of the body that is exposed to stress, stress or aggressive movements.

This massage can be used as a stimulation of the movement apparatus by effort and tone toning effects after exercise. Adapted to the discipline of sport, it increases flexibility, helps to prevent injury, improves endurance, prepares the body and mind for optimum performance.

Sports massage is an integral part of the wellness system. Used as an adjunct in professional training programs. It allows you to better prepare the athlete's body for physical exertion. Reduces the risk of injury. Sports massage is recommended for professional athletes as well as amateur athletes should use it to achieve better results and improve their well-being.

The goal of a sports massage is to warm up, remove fatigue resulting from intensive physical effort, remove leaven or eliminate the resulting injury. Sports massage is also a very important element of the preparation of our body and our muscles for the winter or summer season.

Sports massage occurs in several forms, as a massage:


  • Sports before exercise - is intended to prepare the body for sports effort, it is used as a supplement to warm up, because it causes warming of the joints and tendons, relaxes the muscles, increases flexibility and effectiveness of the muscles - is performed at the place of training immediately before the exercise;

  • sporty between the exercise - the massage performed during the intervals between the efforts, maintain the athlete's high activity during the competition, the massage supplies the muscles with oxygen and nutrients, removes toxins, so that the muscles get more work ability and regenerate faster;

  • sports exertion - is intended to shorten the regeneration time of the body after intense and long-lasting effort. Its main function is to improve the circulation of blood and lymph, as well as reduce the post-muscle tension.


Sports massage is not a firming or slimming massage.

Made on therapeutic oil that strengthens the massage effect.


Aromatherapy massage, soothing and healthful

Massage is one of Indonesia's original health therapies. In the midst of the growing world of health, massage world is also progressing. The use of aromatherapy oil as a massage becomes one example. A delightful scent of jasmine, a soothing lavender scent, or even a refreshing mint scent makes massage have a different flavor sensation. So it is not surprising that many people who like to massage with aromatherapy include you.

Reporting from healthmeup.com, apparently massage with aromatherapy has many health benefits as follows.


  • Massage with aromatherapy can slow down your body rhythm and soothe your mind.

  • Aromatherapy oils can improve your mood and generate positive feelings directly. So it is not surprising that a massage with aromatherapy will make you feel relaxed, happy, and positive.

  • Not many know that aromatherapy massage can also help improve your concentration level and help you focus easily.

  • When you're having a headache, try to massage your head with aromatherapy oils. Place a few drops of aromatherapy oil on the temple and then massage gently. Let the essence and aroma of oil get rid of the pain and relieve your headaches.


In addition to massage, there is no harm if you make your body relaxed by bathing in a bathtub filled with warm water and aromatherapy oils. This way is guaranteed to make your bath show becomes more luxurious and fun.


The use of stones for healing has been practiced for centuries in various cultures.

There are several styles of massage offered by us, with the use of warm or hot stones. This procedure is very relaxing, it is great for deep muscle training, especially with back pain.

Stone massage is a unique therapy using the energy of basalt stones formed by sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Warm stone can cause local and systemic changes in the body, influence the energy centers to achieve harmony of the soul and body. Hot stones perfectly relax muscles, give you a feeling, as if you are floating in space.

Removes muscle clamps, relieves stress, stimulates the work of all organs.

The standard massage massage session lasts from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.


Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian healing technique with a body that has been in existence for hundreds of years. In the Hawaiian tradition, the main healer was "kahuna." Max Fritom Long, who described in his book "The Secret Science Behind the Veil of Wonderwork", told us about their skill in healing, the woman-kahun who corrected the fracture to the person who broke his leg.

Lomi Lomi Nui is Hawaiian rhythmic whole body massage, performed with the help of warm oil accompanied by healing music. According to the information that has reached us, healers and elders of the clan used it as guardians of sacred knowledge about the secrets of nature. These priceless knowledge were carefully transferred from generation to generation. When an important event was approaching in the life of the Hawaiian, he turned to Kahuna, the priest and shaman, to remove the fear of a new path through massage ...

Lomi Lomi Nui served as part of the rite of passage, the beginning of a new stage of life. The massage could last several days, accompanied by songs and prayers. It was believed that in this way a person is able to unite with the divine element, which everyone has in himself, to gain access to the knowledge of ancestors, to the "genetic" memory.

In Polynesia Lomi Lomi massage is used not only by healers, but also by masters of Hawaiian martial arts Olohe lua. They traditionally use this technique as an effective restorative and strengthening agent. The most important healer is Love - Aloha, which literally means "sharing your breath and joy."

From the point of view of Hawaiians, health is harmony, when there is no harmony, there is the effect of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain. Disease is a state of tension that leads to resistance and blocks the movement of energy. Lomi Lomi helps to free the blocks, and thus makes the path to healing easier. From the Hawaiian language, Lomi Lomi Nui translates as "soft touch of the velvet paw of a contented cat" .. movements are also similar to the ocean wave. After all, Hawaiian islands of volcanic origin and settled on them, mostly coastal strip. The whole life of Hawaiians is tuned to the rhythm of the ocean, the rhythm of the heart, the rhythm of life.

There is a myth that the melodious Hawaiian language is understood by dolphins. Therefore, the rhythm of the Hawaiian massage can be calm, like a wave pouring into the shore. And maybe fast, swift, deep penetrating, like a powerful wave that raises the surfer high, throws it deep down, and then wraps around it. Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui is closely related to the people's ideas about the structure of the world. The world is known through the body, and the Divine Light is within us. Working with the body, we touch the human soul.


Relaxing massage is not only pleasure, but also psychological treatment (depression, chronic stress, sleep problems) and other diseases, it is suitable for adults and children alike. Nervous and physical stresses are very closely related: anxiety or nervous tension causes muscles to be clamped first (this happens involuntarily and does not depend on us), and then they transmit the impulse to the brain, causing it to experience stress.

To break this circle will help massage relaxation. The masseur acts on the nerve endings on the skin. The procedure is conducted in a relaxing atmosphere: appropriate music, candles, aroma oils, twilight. In this case, a gentle massage of the back, head (including the scalp) is performed.

It should be said that massage-relaxation is a very light massage, it influences well the skin, muscles and blood vessels. In addition, after a massage-relaxation, you will cope with a bad mood, get rid of negative emotions, chronic fatigue, depression. Relaxing massage will improve the immune system of our body.

Sometimes such a light massage can become an auxiliary tool in the fight against excess weight. After all, we often need kilograms because of stress, fears, low self-esteem, etc.

This light massage has other useful effects:


  • Stimulates metabolic processes in the skin and body, increases the overall tone;

  • Serves (albeit to a lesser extent) for the prevention of varicose veins;

  • Restores and supports the energy of man;

  • Activates the processes of self-regulation;

  • Relieves "enslaved" joints and bones, nerves and blood vessels;

  • Improves the blood supply of tissues, their supply of oxygen and other nutrients;

  • As a consequence - improves posture, relieves headaches, digestive problems;

  • Increases working capacity.

  • Increases the body's resistance to unfavorable factors.


The air bubbles swirling in the water gently but efficiently massage the body. The result is a deep relaxation of the body and spirit. After a busy day or intensive sports activities, bathing in the jacuzzi is particularly good: after 10-15 minutes, relaxing tight muscles and circulating blood flow begin within 10-15 minutes. For people with sleep disturbances who have back pain or joint pains, all the time, this air and water massage therapy bath is an excellent way to restore health.

full body massage is the most popular and well-known type of massage in the world. Our center while the sauna & jacuzzi bubbles make you a gentle massage to the body. The traditional spas living hot water gushing from the ground with beneficial properties for the body, while the urban heat artificially. There are two types of thermal waters according to their geological origin: the magmatic and telluric. The temperature is higher magmatic -superior 50 ºC- while terrestrial origin hardly reach this temperature. In addition, these, the most common, have a lower mineralization. Hot springs loaded with negative ions, which are beneficial to the human body for its ability relaxing.

If you've never done a massage before, it's best to start with a full body massage with sauna & jacuzzi bath. If you think your body needs a deeper study, and you can tolerate extreme pressure and even discomfort to relieve muscle pain, try a deep tissue massage, which is one of the types of classical full body massage.

In general, depending on the preferences and needs of the client, and also on what techniques the masseur owns, the classical massage can be both rather gentle and unhurried, and very intense and hard. Regardless of the type of classical massage, during the session the specialist necessarily lubricates the client's body with massage oil. Then he performs various massage movements of varying strength and in different rhythms - they warm up the muscle tissue, relax the clamped muscles, relieve tension. Classical massage also promotes relaxation, both physical and psychological.

The principles of classical massage are based on the Western concept of anatomy and physiology, which is usually contrasted with the theory of energy channels (meridians) with which people who practice Asian massage techniques work.

And before you finish, we suggest a visit to our Jacuzzi Bathtub rehydrate you. A small space to sit and steam to purify your lungs while you eliminate toxins from the body. The pleasant scent of eucalyptus atmosphere and freshness help improve breathing.




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