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Rejuvenate with the perfect blend of technique and relaxation.
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Experience the true bliss of nature-induced spa from the roots of ancient India and scientific studies of Ayurveda with O2 Spa in Gurugram. O2 Spa is the best spa in Gurugram providing some of the best and some of the most luxurious royal spa treatments to its clientele, satisfying the needs of those who are deprived of mental peace and are looking for relief from stress. Experience the true bliss of a massage and spa treatments with o2 Spa in Gurugram.

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Balinese Massage: Balinese massage at O2 Spa is a massage exclusively curated to treat the stress stored up in your muscles and tendons. With the unique techniques used and incorporated by our therapists, stress leaves your body, making you feel relaxed and refreshed in the end.

Swedish massage:Swedish massage is a massage that helps your body lose the locked up tension by using various massage techniques. Our therapists make sure that the pressures and the techniques used suit your requirement and comfort. In the end, you’ll surely feel pampered and soothed.

Thai Massage: Unwinding at its best with O2 Spa’s Thai massage. This massage focuses mainly on stretching your body through various Yoga influenced practices and massage techniques. Benefits include, improved flexibility, blood circulation, digestion, respiration, strength and more.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is a massage therapy with the use of essential oils and aromatics. The aromas stimulate the mind, while the massage helps your body rejuvenate. Combined, the perfect blend of aroma and technique gives you the ultimate relaxing massage session, filled with soothing massage and pampering.

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue massage is a therapeutic massage helping your body let go of the tightened knots locked up in the deepest of tissue layers of your muscles. The high-pressure massage techniques help your body release tension, stress, aches and more. In the end, you’ll experience a sense of refreshment and relaxation. O2 Spa specializes in other massage therapies like Head Massage, Foot Massage, Neck and Back Massages to make your spa treatment full of pamper and relaxation.



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