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Sabita and Neville Umrigar proudly announce the opening of The Palms Spa , Bangalore on October 3rd, 2014.Modelled on their flagship Spa in Mumbai, and introducing a host of new massage treatments , facials and scrubs , The Palms Spa also boasts the introduction of the “Matrix for Wellness” in Bangalore . A revolutionary new German machine that eases aches and pains instantly and coupled with steam, herbal compresses and massages.

The personal touch of Sabita and Neville Umrigar adds a softness and calm to a very private haven nestled in the quiet courtyard of Mumbai’s heritage building Dhanraj Mahal. Pampered with carefully selected oils, creams and scrubs, a blissful experience awaits you.The Spa menu includes a thoughtfully selected range of massages, body scrubs, and facials, for both men and women. Each treatment has been carefully thought out and designed to provide maximum benefit to the guest. While the menu will include several of the classics like Herbal Detox Massages, Classic Thai Massage, Balinese and Sports Massages, the menu will constantly evolve to include innovative treatments and therapies.

The Palms Spa uses products from SOTHY’S , (the 65 year old Parisian institution) and BABOR the revolutionary German products for Nourishing, Anti –Ageing, Lightening Facials . The methods combine finger pressure, modelling and drainage, to reinforce the efficiency of the treatment.The Spa has also chosen to use BCL products from USA…… Mango & Mandarin , Milk & Honey with White Chocolate, Lemongrass & Green Tea and Lavender scrubs . Our exhilarating system combines Argan Oil from Morocco with natures most highly bio active ingredients gently reversing the negative effects of sun damage, and the ageing process.Services are performed by experienced therapists who have trained at some of the finest schools in Thailand, and have worked at some of the best spas in the region. The therapists have undergone intensive training in the Palms Spa menu treatments, to provide the highest level of service from day one.A great deal of attention has also been paid to the environment in which guests receive their treatments. The luxurious interiors use natural materials to play on the concept of refined and unrefined; the rough surfaces of the stone are juxtaposed with unblemished materials, while topiary plants adorn the facade. Lighting has also been used in an ingenious manner to subtly accentuate the interiors while creating a sense of peace. All treatment rooms are equipped with personal steam and shower facilities allowing guests to prepare themselves for the real world post treatment.

If only for the day, the Palms Spa offers guests the perfect escape to a tranquil, peaceful retreat far from the hectic Mumbai life.

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Through a series of yoga inspired stretches this specialized treatment relieves muscular and joint tension, increases flexibility and stimulates circulation, thus improving overall energy levels.
60 Minutes - Rs. 3,400 • 90 Minutes - Rs. 4,900.
THE AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Using our bespoke natural aromatic oil this gentle massage using neuro muscular therapy relieves tension and stress leaving the body soothed and the mind relaxed.
60 Minutes - Rs. 3,400 • 90 Minutes - Rs. 4,900
THE CLASSIC DEEP TISSUE SPORTS MASSAGE Using our unique deep tissue blend, this massage is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, lower back tightness, and sore shoulders. The movement is slower and the pressure is deeper.
60 Minutes - Rs. 3,900 • 90 Minutes - Rs. 5,800
THE BALINESE MASSAGE This massage involves a blend of deep tissue massage, acupressure, reflexology, gentle stretching, and aromatherapy. It is designed to stimulate circulation, ease muscular and joint pain, and bring about a sense of wellbeing, calm, and deep relaxation.
60 Minutes - Rs. 3,700 • 90 Minutes - Rs. 5,500
THE REFLEXOLOGY FOOT MASSAGE Based upon the principle that every area of the body is linked to a corresponding zone in the feet, Reflexology is a combination of gentle massage and pressure on specific points, enhancing the circulation and leaving the body detoxified and de-stressed. You can choose to add a fifteen minute Detox Herbal Compress massage to this treatment, at an additional cost of Rs. 300.
30 Minutes - Rs. 1,400 • 60 Minutes - Rs. 2,600
You can choose to add a fifteen minute Detox Herbal Compress massage to this treatment.
THE BACK, SHOULDER, NECK AND HEAD MASSAGE Designed to relieve stress and tension from the areas of the body where it is felt the most.
60 Minutes - Rs. 3,400 • 90 Minutes - Rs. 4,900
THE DETOX HERBAL COMPRESS MASSAGE Incorporating an ancient Thai and Indian healing remedy for deep muscle aches and spasms, this massage stimulates circulation while increasing the flow of energy. Using a steamed herbal compress, toxins are drawn out of the body leaving the muscles relaxed.
75 Minutes - Rs. 4,600.


MANDARIN & MANGO SCRUB This treatment cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises the skin leaving it smooth and soft with a delicious mandarin and mango aroma. The rich shea butter and olive oil base leaves the skin intensely moisturised and supple.
45 Minutes - Rs. 2,700
LEMON GRASS & GREEN TEA SCRUB Packed with naturally exfoliating enzymes, the Lemon Grass and Green Tea scrub removes dead skin cells living the skin silky smooth. The rich shea butter and olive oil base leaves the skin intensely moisturised.
45 Minutes - Rs. 2,700
MILK, HONEY & WHITE CHOCOLATE SCRUB This treatment cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises the skin, drawing out impurities, leaving it silky smooth and even. The Combination of Milk, Honey and White Chocolate, enhances the glow.
45 Minutes - Rs. 2,700


THE SOTHYS LIGHTENING LINE CORRECTION FACIAL  Designed to make the skin uniform, radiant, and translucent, this five stage facial corrects dark spots, while lightening the complexion. The treatment combines Sothys Digi – Esthétique method and their ‘W’ patented complex, with a blend of white tea, chamomile, and brown algae.
60 Minutes - Rs. 3,900
THE SEASONAL CARE FACIAL This facial is designed to replenish the skin’s collagen, which is lost naturally over time. It boosts the natural radiance of the complexion while improving the health and elasticity of the skin.
60 Minutes - Rs. 3,700
THE SOTHYS HYDRO FACIAL This facial uses Sothys intensive Hydroptimale moisturising facial treatment. This three dimensional hydrating treatment, hydrates the skin reducing dullness, and leaves it soft, smooth, and supple. This facial also reduces the appearance of fine lines, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.
60 Minutes - Rs. 3,600


THE EXECUTIVE SPA EXPERIENCE FOR MEN An exfoliating yet moisturising hand and back scrub is followed by an intensely relaxing Classic Deep Tissue Sports Massage. The experience is completed with a cleansing Sothys ’Just for Men’ Facial. Choices for the scrubs are
135 Minutes - Rs. 6,900
Designed to revive the body and mind after a long journey, an invigorating Body Scrub is followed by a Jet Lag massage that relaxes yet awakens. Finally, a Pampering Foot Massage will restore tired and aching feet, while regularizing the flow of energy and relieving stress throughout the entire body. Choices are MILK, HONEY AND WHITE CHOCOLATE, MANDARIN & MANGO, LEMON GRASS & GREEN TEA.
110 Minutes - Rs. 5,900
This ultimate spa experience begins with a hydrating milk, honey and white chocolate hand and foot scrub. The second stage is a yogurt, honey and pomegranate body mask, to exfoliate and moisturise the skin. This is followed by afull body Balinese massage to stimulate circulation, ease muscular and joint pain, and relax the body and mind. The experience is completed with a raspberry and rhubarb facial, a perfectly balanced diet to nourish the face.
160 Minutes - Rs. 7,900
The sea salt cleansing instantly reduces the roughness of the skin and enhances hydration ... followed by a lavender scrub, removing dead skin cells, leaving the skin silky smooth and then paving the way for a Baliness massage which prepares the skin for a complete deoxification. The Lavender mask that follows instantly draws out impurities and the brightness and smoothness of the skin will accelerate to give a soft glow.
130 Minutes - Rs. 6,800




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